Escape Room Experience in The Tampa Bay Area

We hope you find our Tampa Bay Escape Rooms comfortable, because making it out within an hour just isn’t possible. We give you the choice of spending the rest of your days with the Mad Hatter, wandering our trippy Black and White room, or surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. Whatever you decide, you’ll need sharp minds and flawless teamwork in order to complete the challenges before you.

Escape Room Requirements

All three of our hour-long Tampa Bay Escape Rooms require 6 to 10 people before getting started. For groups that include more than 10 people, we recommend booking more than one room at the same time. You’ll be able to race one another and see who can escape faster—if anyone escapes at all. If anyone in your group is under the age of 14, we require at least one parent to be present in the waiting area or the room itself.

Why Our Escape Rooms?

Our offer collaborative experiences that you’ll never forget, making them ideal for team building activities, birthday parties, and more.

Team Building—If you’d like to improve your team’s communication or just get to know your coworkers, consider a trip to our Escape Rooms in the Tampa Bay area. You’ll see first-hand who is calm under pressure, who’s naturally suited to leadership, and more. This information can be very helpful when you return to the workplace.

Birthday Parties & Other Events—Whether you’re eight or eighty, you’ll enjoy every minute you spend in our Escape Rooms. We offer a unique and fun way to celebrate and have fun with friends and family. At our Escape Rooms in the Tampa Bay area, you’ll make memories that last for years to come.

The rooms that we have to offer come in a variety of difficultly levels, with the Mad Hatter being the “easiest” and the Zombie Apocalypse being the most difficult. We don’t think anyone stands a chance of making it out, but you’re more than welcome to try to prove us wrong. Book one or all of our Escape Rooms today!