Choose Your St. Petersburg Escape Room Challenge

Get ready to experience three of the most intriguing and heart-racing Escape Rooms in St. Petersburg. All three types of Escape Roomin St. Petersburg will stretch your mind and test your group’s teamwork. Will you take on the Mad Hatter, our bizarre Black and White room, or see if you’d survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Below, you’ll find more information about each one of our Escape Room challenges. 

Mad Hatter

Easy to Medium

You’re taking a hike with your friends when you fall into a long, dark tunnel. You end up in the middle of a tea party for the Mad Hatter—and that isn’t good. If you’re in Wonderland for more than one hour, you’ll be stuck there forever. You and your friends have to find your way out before it’s too late! Suited for all ages.

Black and White

Medium to Hard

Not everything is as it seems in this Escape Room challenge. Your eyes are the last of your senses you’ll want to trust here. You’ll have to use teamwork and put your group’s minds to the test. Unlock locks, put together puzzles, and we’ll just see how strong your logic and observational skills truly are. We wish you good luck, because you’ll need it! Suited for middle school through adult.

Zombie Apocalypse


This Escape Room challenge isn’t for the fainthearted. In our most difficult Escape Room, your team will experience fear and panic. It’s up to you and your group to rescue a little girl trapped in a house full of the living dead. You’ll have to break in and save her before she turns into a zombie herself. Hurry up! There’s no time to waste, or she’s a goner. Ideal for middle School through adult.

All three types of Escape Rooms in St. Petersburg can hold 6 to 10 people at a time. For larger parties, you can race against each other for bragging rights. Ideal for birthday parties, corporate team building events, and more. Each mission is an hour long and will provide your group with a fun, and memorable Escape Room experience. Book your escape room adventure today!