Choose Your St. Petersburg Escape Room Challenge

Address: 514 1st Ave SW, Largo, FL 33770

Get ready to experience three of the most intriguing and heart-racing Escape Rooms in St. Petersburg. All three types of Escape Roomin St. Petersburg will stretch your mind and test your group’s teamwork. Will you take on the Mad Hatter, our bizarre Black and White room, or see if you’d survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Below, you’ll find more information about each one of our Escape Room challenges. 

With our 2 locations , we have a total of 6 Escape Rooms for you to choose.    Our Mad Hatter and Zombie Rooms at our Largo location can hold up to 10 people.   We recommend a maximum of 8 in the Black and White room so it will not be crowded.    Our party room is located in our Largo location.  Our second location in Clearwater, FL also has rooms where we can have larger groups of up to 10. (call with questions as we are flexible).   For larger parties, you can race against each other for bragging rights. Ideal for birthday parties, corporate team building events, and more. Each mission is an hour long and will provide your group with a fun, and memorable Escape Room experience. Book your escape room adventure today!

Book your escape room adventure today!

Our Largo location has a party room that is available with indoor and outdoor seating.   See the Parties Tab on our website for more information.

Escape Rooms (Largo Location)

Mad Hatter

You were traveling through the woods, when suddenly you fell down a rabbit hole into the Mad Hatters Tea Party. He has filled this room with clues and riddles to keep you from escaping his madness. He does not want you to find his favorite tea pot and what hides inside. Hurry, do not be late, the clocks are ticking!

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium

Black and White

A mad scientist has taken your color vision and locked you in this room. He has tricked your eyes to deceive you. Can you even tell what is up from down? Left from right? You must work together and stay focused in order to find the hand right before your eyes and get back your color vision before it is too late! You will know you have succeeded when you can see the bright green light! Hurry, you only have one hour!

Difficulty Level: Medium to Hard

Zombie Apocalypse

You are seeking safety from the devastated streets inside this house. You now realize you are not alone and not only do you need to save yourselves but a little girl as well. Will you gain entrance thought the front door before you get bitten? Will you save the little girl in time? Hurry, the clock is ticking!

Difficulty Level: Hardest


See our other location, minutes from Clearwater Beach.

Address: 625 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL

Wizard’s Keep

The village is calm and everyone has turned in for the night. As an apprentice you enter the Wizard’s Keep to find your master, but he is nowhere in sight. By a blunder of his own doing, he has trapped himself in another dimension. It is your job to free the Wizard or he will be doomed forever.

Difficulty Level: Medium


You are a group of travelers who have been kidnapped and taken hostage by foreign traitors to an undisclosed location. They have left to gather supplies, if you do not make it out of the holding room within 60 minutes, the Kidnappers will return and your hostage situation will turn torturous.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Cabin in the Woods

You are a group of hikers traveling through the woods when you hear a storm in the distance. The thunder sends you running to the nearest cabin for shelter. Once you enter the Cabin, you soon discover that this little Cabin is not all that it appears. You decide you would rather brave the storm and attempt to leave, however, the door locks trapping you inside. Your mission: save your life and escape this little Cabin within 60 minutes.

Difficulty Level: Hard