Largo Escape Room Experience

Attempting to get out of our Largo Escape Rooms is pointless, but you’re welcome to try! We offer three different rooms that will leave you excited, intellectually stimulated, and totally confused. The Mad Hatter is waiting for you, the Black and White room will mess with your mind, and the Zombie Apocalypse will eat you. If you think you can complete these rooms, then come to our Largo Escape Room and prove it.

Escape Room Requirements

Our Escape Rooms in Largo require 6 to 10 people. You’ll have an hour to get out—if you don’t, you’ll definitely be stuck forever. Should your group include more than 10 people, we encourage you to book two, or even three, rooms at once, and to race each other if you’d like. For those of you who are under 14 years of age, you’ll need a parent to accompany you (at least to the waiting area).

Why Choose Our Escape Rooms?

Our Largo Escape Rooms are like nothing you’ve seen before. They’re ideal for team building activities, birthday parties, and more.

Team Building—Escape Rooms are a fun and easy way to bond with your coworkers. Our rooms encourage communication and help team members understand each other. You’ll be able to identify the patient ones, those who think on their feet, the natural leaders, and more. Even if you don’t make it out (which you probably won’t), you’ll at least spend forever trapped with a cohesive team.

Birthday Parties & More—We have rooms fit for all ages. The “easiest” (as if!) is the Mad Hatter, while the most difficult is the Zombie Apocalypse—and you can choose which one you’d like to spend your afternoon/lifetime in. For good or ill, this celebration will be one event that you and your group never forget!

When you come to our Escape Rooms in Largo, Florida, you’re in for a thrilling experience. Even if you can leave afterwards, you won’t want to! Reserve your Escape Room here.