How to Beat Escape Rooms

Nobody likes being stuck on something, and the same applies for escape rooms. Here are some helpful hints on how to beat escape rooms:

#1: Don’t give up!

Escape rooms can be frustrating. Your team might be struggling to make progress as time ticks by. Stay positive and keep trying! There is an escape to every escape room (and you’ll be assisted if you can’t figure it out). You’re probably closer to a solution than you think!

#2: Divide and Conquer

Escape rooms teach many of the same lessons about teamwork that life teaches us. Success in escape rooms often requires teams to split tasks among members. If somebody in a group is skilled at solving puzzles, that person should solve puzzles. If you have an English major in your group, call upon him or her to decode messages. Teamwork makes the dream work, and teams that bring a collection of skills to the table often learn how to beat escape rooms.

#3: Be imaginative

Using your imagination is key for escape room success. Escape rooms are meant to be fun, and creative solutions are often key for how to win escape rooms. Think about a fun, what-if scenario to navigate through escape rooms. Game developers often think along these lines, and you’ll find success if you use your imagination.

#4: Objects are often resourceful

Don’t rule out game-related possibilities for what you can do with objects. Also feel free to move these items (employees will put items back when you’re done). Just don’t break items or put them in your pocket.

#5: Don’t overcomplicate your thought process

Overthinking things might lead to looking in the wrong places for too long. If you’ve been stuck with your idea for a long time and it hasn’t led to any clues, that’s a good sign that you’re overcomplicating your thought process. Go back to square one and take your mind down a different path.