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Premier Escape Room in St. Petersburg

You’d better get comfortable, because you’re going to be stuck in our Escape Room in downtown St. Petersburg for a while. Escape If You Can has the premier Escape Rooms of St. Pete. You can choose to take your chances with the Mad Hatter, see if you’d survive a Zombie Apocalypse, or face the challenges of our Black and White room. Whichever Escape Room in St. Petersburg you choose, you’d better bring the right crew along with you—because without the proper teamwork, you’ll be in for a lengthy stay. Good luck escaping the best Escape Rooms in St. Pete within 60 minutes—we’ll be shocked if you do.


Check out our escape room experience! Our facility is on 1st Avenue SW in Largo, conveniently located just south of Clearwater and a short drive north of St. Petersburg. Our Escape Rooms in Largo are ideal for parties, team building events, corporate gatherings, and more.

Any room you choose is sure to be the best escape room Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St. Petersburg has to offer. Here are our options:

Mad hatter

Easy to Medium

While on a hike through the woods, you stumbled and found yourself tumbling through a long dark tunnel. It appears you have interrupted a tea party at Mad Hatter's place. The Rabbit and the Mad Hatter advise you that Wonderland is a magical and complicated place, and if you stay here more than 1 hour, you will be stuck forever.
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Black and White

Medium to Hard

Nothing’s quite so black and white as the right and wrong answers… locks and puzzles, that is!
Pure logic and observation, multiple minds and teamwork is required, but beware, your eyes may play tricks on you as not everything will be as it seems.
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Zombie apocalypse


You are outside on the devastated streets, you need to make your way inside the house to save the little girl stuck and threatened to be turned into the living dead as well. Hurry up!
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Make the most of your escape room experience. For the #1 escape room St. Petersburg has to offer, visit Escape if You Can today!
In each Escape Room Mission, you and your team have one hour to solve a series of riddles and puzzles to unlock the room. This involves finding clues, making decisions and following the story of the room. Book now


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  • 514 1st Ave SW
    Largo, FL 33770